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Top News08/18/2020
AEMC trains and advises companies in all fields of the electrical and electronic industry. A reference in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), AEMC is the training body of Sopemea, a specialised subsidiary of the Apave group in support of qualification and environmental testing. Sopemea training is now included in this new 2021 catalog.

You are

project managers, product managers, test managers, design office engineers, technicians and wish to:

  • Understand the difficulties of different environments (CEM, Climatic, Vibration, Electrical safety, etc.),
  • Identify the risks associated with these environments,
  • Know the rules for the design and implementation of equipment and systems,
  • Know the repositories,
  • Manage and conduct a test, from its preparation to the analysis of the results,
  • Anticipate all the environmental tests that the equipment must undergo in order to take them into account in the design of the product,
  • Knowing how to dialogue and interact with test laboratories to save time and optimize test campaigns.

The AEMC-Sopemea 2021 training catalog

offers distance learning modules

Web class of Sopemea
In order to maintain an enriching technical and educational dialogue, the course of our Web Classes is identical to that implemented in person, with strong interaction between participants and the instructor. The programs are developed so that the learner remains an actor in their training, thanks to active pedagogy. Practical demonstrations of physical phenomena illustrate the point.
Web class of Sopemea

For inter-company training, some modules are offered face-to-face or distance:

  • No travel for the learner
  • Number of participants limited to 10 (remote)


For intra-company training, all our training can be offered face-to-face or distance:

  • Adapted program
  • Control of the schedule with the possibility of dividing the training into several sessions

The trainers from AEMC and SOPEMEA offer you modules by profession, to respond optimally to the concrete problems of all trainees. Delivered by experienced professional speakers, these training courses will be able to respond to your problems, through a practical approach, using demonstrations or the testing facilities of our laboratories. Our Inter-Company training courses are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Download the 2021 catalog (2.48Mo)

To register, contact:


86 rue de la Liberté - 38180 Seyssins

All registrations for CEM Trainings are managed in Seyssins.

Phone. : 04 76 49 76 76 or mail@aemc.fr

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