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Our complementary services for your upstream studies, tests, expertise, digital simulation and training
Main testing equipment in Sopemea

Studies and Expertises

Our teams of engineers define the normative framework applicable to your qualification plan in order to anticipate the performance of your equipment, system or infrastructure subjected to constraints in mechanical, climatic and EMC environments.

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Sopemea laboratories located in France and the United Kingdom test your equipment under conditions of use, in compliance with international standards for your tests in EMC, mechanical, climatic and hydraulic environments.

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Our services also concern modal analysis on systems, EMC, vibration, acoustic measurements, stereo-correlation of images, etc.

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CE Marking

We inform you about the regulations in force on your market, the standards to be respected and the tests to be carried out to certify the conformity of your product before it is placed on the European market.
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Conformity Assessment

We also offer to assess the conformity of your electrical products

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Digital Simulation

Our engineers can predict and anticipate couplings from the upstream phase of qualification through various studies before the testing phase. Saving time and providing additional security for our customers.

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AEMC-Sopemea offers training in the following areas: EMC, mechanics, climate and risk analysis, face-to-face and remote.

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Our teams operate throughout France and Europe on your mechanical (vibrators, positioning tables and jacks), electronic (amplifiers) and climatic (enclosures) testing facilities.

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