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AxesSim measures Electromagnetic Environmental Effects with E3

Top News10/22/2021
AxesSim, a subsidiary of Sopemea specialising in digital simulation, presents one of its software solutions, E3, which assesses electromagnetic environmental effects. This simulation software measures the interactions between large complex structures (composite materials, installed cable bundles, etc.) and electromagnetic environments.

AxesSim, a company specialising in studies and numerical simulations in the field of electromagnetism, joined Sopemea and the Apave Group in April 2021. Its core competence is the development of software solutions in digital simulations, including E3, referring to "Electromagnetic Environmental Effects", which gives its clients the possibility of evaluating the interactions between large complex structures and their electromagnetic environments.

The expertise offered and the simulation software developed by AxesSim will enable Sopemea's clients to access digital simulation solutions and thus to anticipate and validate technical solutions related to electromagnetic disturbances.

In the fields of

Aeronautics and Aerospace

You are an aircraft manufacturer, civil or military, and are looking to optimize the EM design of aircraft and validate the qualification and certification processes of new aircraft: the AXS-E3 solution accompanies you in addition to measurements.

The simulation software allows the evaluation of interactions between complex structures and electromagnetic environments (lightning, HIRF, ...) which is essential to define the protection and robustness of systems.


In the
Automotive sector 

Automotive manufacturers need to rethink the design and development process of their vehicles taking into account electromagnetic factors; AxesSim provides powerful electromagnetic simulation tools adapted to these new challenges.

We effectively address issues such as decoupling analysis between multiple antennas and the penetration of the electromagnetic field radiated by the antennas into the system.


For the 
Defence sector 

Defence system designers aim for high operational performance while ensuring an optimal level of reliability in harsh electromagnetic environments. AxesSim designs electromagnetic simulation tools for aeronautical, land and naval systems.

They allow to precisely apprehend issues such as the evaluation of interference levels induced in systems and their wiring when they are subjected to severe electromagnetic environments.



High-Tech technology

High-tech manufacturers who are impacted by the digital revolution and need to simplify processes in order to offer new perspectives for innovative products and services using 5G, LTE, Bluetooth & WiFi technologies; AxesSim solutions help you accelerate your wireless innovations and solve your EM design problems.

Virtual modelling of devices allows you to optimise their operation: by changing a parameter on the virtual model, you can control and predict the behaviour of real equipment...

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