Un technicien de maintenance travaillant sur un générateur électrodynamique

The Maintenance Department has received a new COFRAC accreditation

Top News07/02/2020
Sopemea offers a complete maintenance service in addition to its testing services. Indeed, the maintenance teams operates everywhere in France and in Europe. The company is specialised in three main areas: mechanics (vibrators, positioning tables, impact machines, centrifuges and cylinders), electronics (amplifiers and control consoles) and climate control (thermostatic and climatic chambers).
This offer allows us to propose global services to industrialists equipped with test facilities. The objective is to improve the availability rate of the testing means by a maintenance adapted to their use.

We are therefore pleased to announce that the French Accreditation Committee has just given a favorable opinion to Sopemea maintenance concerning the realisation of characterisations under COFRAC accreditation (cold/hot/humidity, according to the FD X 15-140 standard) on our customers' thermostatic and climatic chambers.

Therefore, Sopemea's maintenance department can now offer this new service on its customers' sites, in parallel with the preventive/curative maintenance already performed for many years. 


A maintenance technician working on a climatic chamber

But we remind you that our maintenance department is also able to perform the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Sale of spare parts
  • Acceptance of test equipment and performance measurement
  • Turnkey transfer/removal of your test equipment
  • Verification of control consoles and vibration equipment under COFRAC accreditation
  • Renovation of installations (treatment of obsolescence, specific wiring, etc.)

And our skills also extend to ACUTRONIC position and motion simulators, of which Sopemea is a partner, for commissioning, maintenance under warranty and preventive/curative maintenance.

Finally, for more information, you can contact Mr. Stéphane FERRUCCI, maintenance sales manager within Sopemea.

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