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Renewal of Qualifoudre certification for Sopemea

Top News03/01/2021

Qualifoudre certification was renewed for Sopemea on 17 February in the field of lightning risk analysis and technical studies.



on lightning risk analysis

The Qualifoudre certification has just been renewed and ensures through an independent assessment that the organisation complies with the requirements specified by the reference system, reliably implements its quality management system, respects the certification requirements and applies the ministerial orders and standards in force.

This certification concerns the following areas
- Risk analysis - evaluation of risk components
- Technical studies - definition of external protection (lightning conductor, straw cage, earth connection, etc.) and internal protection (equipotential bonding, lightning arrester, segregation, etc.)

The lightning risk analysis defines the level of risk linked to the impact of lightning near or directly on a building or infrastructure. This analysis can be completed by a study defining the protections to be implemented to reduce this risk to an acceptable level.
Qualifoudre certification is mandatory for ICPEs (Installations Classified for Environmental Protection) subject to Authorisation (A) and SEVESO (AS) by ministerial decree.

In addition, certification is recommended for all those who wish to protect their installations in the civil and military fields against the risks of lightning (safety of people, data, equipment, etc.).
Finally, our services cover standards NF-EN-62305 1 to 4 (Editions 1 and 2) as well as the ministerial orders of 4 October 2010 and 19 July 2011.

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