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Sopemea invests in its vibratory equipment

Top News09/08/2022
In September, our sites in Valenciennes (59) and Genas (69) will be commissioning new electrodynamic exciters. Sopemea, the Apave Group's testing and measurement subsidiary, has laboratories throughout France. Sopemea is increasing its testing capacity with the acquisition of three new electrodynamic exciters (or vibration pots) for its customers in the automotive, aeronautical, rail, defence and nuclear sectors.

Our test laboratories are upgrading their equipment to provide greater flexibility and responsiveness to their customers: one additional exciter for our Sopaval laboratory in Valenciennes and two for our Sopavib laboratory in Genas, outside Lyon. In addition to conventional vibration testing, these exciters will also be capable of combined temperature testing, thus extending the range of products tested: from automotive cables to boat antennas, induction chargers and fighter aircraft tanks. These shakers will be used primarily for our customers in the aerospace, defence, rail and automotive industries

Sopemea's Lyon and Valenciennes sites increase
their vibratory capacities

Sopavib has acquired an HBK-V8 exciter with a 900 x 900 mm table and a V8 with a 600 x 600 mm table, and Sopaval a HBK-V8 model with a 600 x 600 mm table.


This investment by Sopemea, the Apave Group's Test & Measurement subsidiary, is aimed at increasing flexibility and responsiveness.

An investment, to the new
energy challenge

We are increasing our testing capacity with these more powerful, more efficient, more reliable, more stable and less energy-consuming electrodynamic exciters. They are part of a necessary energy-saving approach

Catherine Michelin
Catherine Michelin
General Manager of sopemea

For several decades, Sopemea has been known and recognised for its expertise in vibration testing. With these investments, Sopemea reaffirms its position as leader in this field, with a total of 35 vibrators spread throughout France. These exciters are part of a long list of investments by Sopemea, supported by the France Relance programme: at the end of 2022, Sopemea's Vélizy (78) site will be equipped with one of the first triaxial tables in Europe; and in the first half of 2023, this same site will receive a rapid decompression chamber.

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Sopemea, located in Vélizy and Toulouse are also equipped with vibration testing facilities.
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