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AEMC joins the Sopemea division

Top News01/22/2019

For almost 35 years, AEMC has been training and advising companies in all areas of the electrical and electronic industry. AEMC is a reference in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and has chosen to join Sopemea, a subsidiary of the APAVE group specialising in qualification support and environmental testing. The agreement was signed on 22 January 2019 by Mr Torrez and Mr Charoy, respectively presidents of Sopemea and AEMC.

Stéphane Torrez, Chairman of Sopemea, signs the takeover of the company AEMC with its founding chairman Alain Charoy
The acquisition of AEMC Lab reinforces the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) offer proposed by SOPEMEA in the field of environmental testing and AEMC, enriching it in the fields of expertise and training in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and analysis of disturbance phenomena in electronic systems

This fifth entity of SOPEMEA is the first one entirely dedicated to EMC testing and training. Alain Charoy, a graduate engineer from the Grenoble Institute of Electrical Engineering, created AEMC Formations and AEMC Lab in 1985, one of the first French test laboratories specialising in EMC. Author of numerous articles and books, Alain Charoy teaches in several schools and participates in conferences and study days.

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The combination of this expertise and these highly technical resources positions Sopemea as one of the leading French laboratories in terms of knowledge of technical risks and their characterisation through testing (climatic, mechanical, EMC and electrical, etc.)

As a subsidiary of the Apave group, Sopemea has had unique resources and know-how in the field of qualification for over 70 years. Thanks to its teams of experts - now expanded with AEMC engineers - and resources that are unique in their power and diversity, Sopemea supports its customers at every stage of qualification in the aerospace, defence, rail, energy, automotive and connected object markets.

With AEMC, customers benefit from a unique expertise in electromagnetic compatibility, including project development, study or justification files, vulnerability analysis, protection of people and goods, lightning protection system studies, electrostatic discharge protection, system validation, engineering audit and personnel training. AEMC's engineers work on site, in France and abroad, for all EMC investigation and consulting missions.

Sopemea currently has five entities: AEMC in Grenoble, SOPEMEA in Vélizy-Villacoublay, SOPAVIB in Lyon, SOPAVAL in Valenciennes and PARC in the UK. These companies can host, implement and maintain the resources of its customers who wish to benefit from the skills and expertise of all our qualification, testing and maintenance services on a single site.

SOPEMEA's French laboratories are CIR, CII and COFRAC accredited in France and UKAS accredited in the UK.



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