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Extension of lightning generator capacities

Top News06/12/2020
Thunderclap in the Toulouse region. In summer 2020, Sopemea is expanding the capabilities of its direct lightning effect generator, the LG200k.

Testing facilities

(100% compliant on arc and in duct)

The only 200 kA current generator available in France in the private sector, the LG200k is now able to generate all waveforms and link them together. From now on, all the external equipment of an aircraft or of any military system can therefore be qualified for lightning in the Sopemea laboratory in Toulouse. Thanks to the LG200k, it is also possible to assess the direct effects of lightning on any structural element: metal or composite panels, windows, etc.

Designers of equipment subject to lightning risk can carry out their tests in the Sopemea Toulouse laboratory:

  • Direct effects lightning generator with current up to 200 kA
  • Test area: 3 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m / extendable on request
  • A, Ah, B, C and D waveforms, applied alone or in combination
  • Installation & instrumentation specific to each test


  • DEFENSE: MIL-STD-464 / MIL-STD-1757 / AECTP-250
  • AERONAUTICS: EUROCAE ED-84 / ED-105 / ED-14 / SAE ARP 5412 / RTCA/DO-160
  • Manufacturer specifications


  • Antennas
  • Cameras
  • Propeller elements
  • External lights
  • Missiles
  • Radomes
  • Probes (Pitot, AOA, Icing, ...)
  • Composite structures
  • Landing gear
  • Portholes


  • ATR
  • MBDA
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Sopemea is a subsidiary of Apave. It brings together a group of laboratories specializing in qualification tests for industrial players in the air and land transport, energy and defense sectors. Comprising more than 200 employees, Sopemea specializes in testing in mechanical, vibratory, climatic, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical environments, as well as test engineering and training for its customers' equipment qualification projects. In 2017, Sopemea expanded with the acquisition of the PARC laboratory in the United Kingdom, followed in 2019 by AEMC, AEMC Lab and the EMC testing and engineering activities of GERAC with its facilities in Trappes and Toulouse, as well as the Apave division specializing in electrical product compliance.

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