Railway test bench

Sopaval designs a test bench for railway equipment

Top News02/10/2022

Sopaval, Sopemea's Valenciennes subsidiary, is innovating in the performance of its tests by creating a specific test bench that simulates pressure and vacuum tests on the walls and partitions of railway equipment.

A unique bench for measuring rapid pressure 

changes on vehicle walls

Sopaval, a test centre and subsidiary of Sopemea (Apave group) located in Valenciennes, has designed a test bench that is unique in Europe for simulating pressure and vacuum on railway equipment partitions. The design office at our Valenciennes site meets the needs of its customers with tailor-made solutions.


Designed with the expertise of our engineers and technicians, this test bench is capable of simulating the rapid variations in pressure on the walls of a railway vehicle during tunnel entry and exit crossings.


Our technicians can thus measure and qualify the fatigue behaviour of each of the elements making up the tested component. They can also monitor the behaviour of the material using strain gauges, displacement sensors or accelerometers.

How was our test rig designed?


Our test engineers have designed this unique test rig using various areas of expertise:

  • On-site measurements: pressure and deformation measurements
  • Determination of the effects of pressure through structural finite element calculations
  • Numerical simulation of the test using a digital twin (verification of the consistency of the results obtained during the measurements between the test bench and the on-site measurements)
  • Laboratory tests (application of the pressures obtained on site and measurements of stresses, strains, functional checks)
  • Correlations between measurements/calculation (verification of the consistency between on-site measurements/calculation/digital cylinder/laboratory tests)

This test bench, initially designed for the railway industry, is however adaptable to various sectors, such as the automotive industry for example.


If you would like more information, please contact our Valenciennes site: dupont@sopaval.fr
by phone on +33 (0)3 27 21 13 40