Sopemea merges in 2024

Top News12/12/2023
The year 2024 marks a turning point for Sopemea, the Apave Group's testing subsidiary, which will simplify its organization for customers by merging its Aemc, Aemc Lab, Sopavib and Sopaval entities into a single entity: Sopemea, as of January 1, 2024.

The entities Sopavib, Sopaval, Aemc and Aemc Lab merge
with their parent company Sopemea in 2024

logo fusion
logo fusion
As of January 1, 2024, Sopemea, a leading player in the qualification of industrial equipment for the aerospace, defense, energy, automotive and rail industries, will merge with its subsidiaries Aemc, Aemc Lab, Sopavib and Sopaval.

This merger under a single name, Sopemea, illustrates a turning point in the company's development since its creation in 1948, a strengthening of its brand and greater clarity for its customers. This move towards simplification is accompanied by optimized planning of its testing resources and the assignment of associated teams, throughout France; a coordination unit has been set up to respond more effectively to the scheduling constraints of its customers.

This single name and merger into a single entity are intended to reinforce Sopemea's comprehensive equipment qualification offer - mechanical, vibratory, climatic, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical testing - and its specific services covering test engineering studies, digital simulation (AxesSim), training and also the maintenance of test facilities.

The new merged entities will bear the following names:

logo fusion
logo fusion
  • Sopemea (to replace Aemc) , EMC and testing training center, 38180 Seyssins - France
  • Sopemea (to replace Aemc Lab) , EMC and Electrical Product Conformity Laboratory, 38360 Sassenage - France
  • Sopemea (to replace Sopavib), Mechanical, Climatic, EMC and Electrical Product Conformity Laboratory 69740 Genas - France
  • Sopemea (to replaceSopaval) , Mechanical and Climatic Laboratory, 59770 Marly - France


Sopemea already comprises the following sites:

  • Sopemea (head office), Mécanique, Climatique, CEM laboratory- 78140 Vélizy Villacoublay - France
  • Sopemea (Trappes), CEM laboratory- 78190 Trappes, France
  • Sopemea (Toulouse), Mechanical, Climatic, EMC and Electrical Product Conformity Laboratory- 31100 Toulouse, France


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