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Supervise your tests remotely

Top News01/17/2022

he Sopemea test laboratory in Vélizy (78), has acquired RealWear technology thanks to its partner LUNAAR, which allows its customers to follow the qualification of their equipment and communicate in real time with a test technician thanks to connected glasses. Coupled with the SightCall video platform, Sopemea's customers can carry out their mechanical, climatic or EMC tests without having to travel. This is an interesting solution so that no customer delays his tests, while sanitary measures can limit travel.

Thanks to this technology, our customers can follow their tests remotely, but also check the assembly of their equipment or have immediate feedback on the results of the qualifications. In addition, real-time visual and audio contact gives our customers useful details about their equipment, avoiding numerous email exchanges. These connected glasses can greatly simplify our customers' schedules, as they are no longer required to travel to our site. They can complete their qualifications more quickly. During a pandemic, these glasses are an asset for continuing to qualify our customers' equipment, without delaying the schedule.

A solution developed for

the Apave Group's inspection business

The Apave Group, Sopemea's parent company, has developed a solution for remote field supervision. Since 2019, Philippe Denaes, project manager in the Innovation team, has been developing and adapting the RealWear technology and the SightCall platform to the Apave group's inspection business with the collaboration of our partner LUNAAR. The solution is very accessible: the customer downloads the SightCall software which links him directly to the technician wearing the connected glasses, via a QR code. The video then appears live on the customer's screen, and the customer has several functions at his disposal: zooming, pointing to an element with his mouse, turning on a flash on the glasses, taking photos or even recording the test.




If you would like more information about this remote solution, please contact our sales department at or by telephone on +33 (0)1 45 37 64 46